Carasso, Isaac PDF

Born: Thessaloniki, Greece 1919

Founder of the Danone yogurt Company (Dannon in US)

Isaac Carasso was an olive oil merchant of Jewish Greek origin. He founded The Dannon Company in 1919. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece where yogurt was a dietary staple, Carasso decided to introduce this healthy product to Barcelona. He opened a small yogurt business name "Danone", which means "Little Daniel", after his son.

Carasso, who spend his early years in what is now modern Greece, perfected the first industrial process for making yogurt, mixing modern science with traditional Greek recipes.

Daniel Carasso took over the family business in Spain and established Danone in France in 1929. During World War II Daniel Carasso immigrated to the United States and in 1942 founded the first American yogurt company. The younger Carasso Americanized the name to Dannon Milk Products, Inc., in the Bronx, NY.

Isaac Carasso died in France.

Source Wikipedia