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Born: Burleson, TX, US April 24, 1982 (Greek and Irish heritage)


In her own words:

Question: "Have you got a part of your body that you're proud of?"
Kelly: "I like my waist because it's the smallest part of me! I do love my figure but I'm part Greek which means I'm curvy. I like wearing stuff that shows it off best."


Thankfully, Kelly Clarkson's childhood dream to be a marine biologist did not come true, and instead, she became a household name when her soulful voice captured the hearts and minds of millions when she was voted the American Idol in September of 2002.

The twenty-year-old from Texas performed live every week for ten weeks to an audience of 25 million on one of Americas most successful TV shows ever. Besides the fact that Clarkson never had a professional singing lesson, she received 57% of the vote in the final head to head. In fact, her singing voice was to her, such a natural and normal part of her life, it didn't strike her that she had something so special. The enormity and beauty of her voice was recognized quite by accident.

At 13 years old, a late bloomer by choral standards, Kelly was singing to herself in the corridor at Pauline Hughes Middle School in Burleson, Texas, when a teacher asked her to consider joining the choir. Nobody really realized I had a talent until I got in there. My teacher really pushed me since I was behind everyone else who had been doing it since 4th grade. From there on, I had a niche.

Her classical training through the choir was, as she describes it, fundamental to me being able to use my voice and adapt it to different styles of music. She developed quickly and before long was wooing audiences in state and regional competitions, whilst earning a living as a waitress, pharmacy assistant, movie theatre and even at the zoo!

It was a strange twist of fate that really put Kelly on the path to music. Having moved to Los Angeles after graduation she began sending out her demo tape trying to get into the music industry. This, however, came to an abrupt end when her apartment burned down leaving her nearly destitute. The young singer headed on a 24-hour drive home with nothing.

It was her best friend Jessica who was determined for Kelly not to give up and suggested she try out for American Idol. Kelly knew nothing about it, I went and tried out for fun and here I am!

With her own idols ranging from Bette Midler and Reba McIntyre to Gwen Stefani and Aerosmith, its not surprising her voice can turn to such a wide variation of styles. Signed to RCA, her album will debuted in 2003, and with her debut single A Moment Like This/Before Your Love double A-side breaking two world records in its first week alone.

Her first single smashed straight into number one in the Billboard charts in its first week and she hasn' tlooked back since. The final 10 contestants from the show re-united for the American Idol Tour, a 30 date, 7 week Arena tour which took them from Seattle to New York playing to over 200,000 fans.

I'm not materialistic, but I am ambitious. I'd love to break globally and cant wait to go to England. There is so much ahead of me and I'm really grateful for that. It all seems to be happening so quickly that its hard to stop and think. For now, I'm just glad to be in this position and to be able to have a job where I use my singing voice every day. I knew when I watched Jaws that marine biology just wasn't for me!

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