6 out of the 'Top 10 Best Islands in Europe' are in Greece. Paros is #1!

The love affair with Greece continues for "Travel + Leisure" readers worldwide for 2018, who have voted six of the country’s islands into the European Top 10 list this year.

But beyond Santorini and Mykonos, some of these winners are decidedly lesser known. It turns out, there are still places you can be the first to discover in your circle of friends.

1.) Paros, Greece 88.7

2.) Orkney Islands, Scotland 88.5

3.) Azores, Portugal 88.3

4.) Santorini, Greece 87.9

5.) Crete, Greece 87.5

6.) Milos, Greece 87.4

7.) Skye and the Hebrides, Scotland 87.3

8.) Sicily, Italy 86.4

9.) Mykonos, Greece 86.3

10.) Corfu and the Ionian Islands 86.1

When Greeks know how to party in paradise on Paros island in Greece.

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