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Photo by Nitz Photography

The New York Times has just published it's annual feature article "52 Places to Go in 2017" and among all the beautiful places, the historic, ancient, and art filled Athens, Greece is in the 28th spot. The New York Times wrote:

A post-crisis art boom in an ancient capital

Prices have dropped, but the Greek debt crisis has not dampened Athens’s thriving arts scene. Recent years have seen a surge of galleries, collectives and nonprofit art organizations built for leaner times, like Radio Athènes, which hosts pop-up lectures and performances, and the immigration-focused Nomadic Architecture Network.

The new Acropolis Museum is stunning:

In October, the renovated EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art opened in a former brewery, while the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, designed by Renzo Piano, opened in August. 

There are countless historic sites to visit in Athens. the above are just a few of the new architecture that was highlighted in the New York Times.