Greek-American FOX CEO Jim Gianopulos behind "The Revenant" movie
Monday, 11 January 2016 15:08

The Mexican Director of "The Revenant" Alejandro González Iñárritu thanked the CEO of FOX Jim Gianopulos in his acceptance speech after winning "Best Director" at the 2016 Golden Globes last night. Leonardo Dicaprio thanked Jim Gianopulos in his acceptance speech when he (FINALLY) won a Golden Globe for "Best Actor" in "The Revenant". Who is this Jim Gianopulos everyone was thanking? Jim Gianopulos is the Greek-American CEO of FOX and is the one who believed and invested in "The Revenant" since day 1. The movie cost over 100 million to make.

"The Revenant" is not just a new film, it is an amazing film. It’s also a statement of intent from Fox as a studio. Why? Because "The Revenant" is the kind of populist mix of darker themes and effects driven spectacle that Greek-American FOX CEO Jim Gianopulos hopes will tap a mass adult audience. Of course he’s not the first studio boss to strategise like this. Back in the 40s and 50s, there happened to be another Greek-American running Fox, Spyros Skouras, who Gianopulos cites as an inspiration. Skouras ran the studio in an era much like this one - when Hollywood was afraid TV was eating away at its audience share. What did he do to attract the audience back to the big screen? He came up with the slogan "movies are better than ever".

"The Revenant" is a movie that is truly a cinematic spectacle! It makes "Dancing with Wolves" look like a Romantic comedy." - Greek Gateway Team. OUR MOVIE RATING ****/5 STARS