Greek Australian Man Buys 300 Lambs for Poor Families in Kalymnos for Easter

Greek Australian entrepreneur John Halikos, has purchased 300 lambs, which will be donated to poor families across Kalymnos for Greek Orthodox Easter on Sunday, April 8. John does this every year and is a true example of filotimo.

Halikos sent many wishes and love from his hometown of Darwin, Australia.

The Greek Australian never forgets his homeland Kalymnos, especially around Pascha. John has made sure that poor families on the island will be able to celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter with traditional lamb on the spit next Sunday, April 8.

According to, Mr Halikos has bought over 300 lambs from a local butcher, which will be distributed directly to nursing homes and to homes where people can not afford to buy meat and other food to celebrate Easter, with a big feast.

Bravo to John Halikos. A true example of filotimo and generosity.