Whether you believe in them or not, every culture has their fair share of superstitions. Some are common between parallel societies, while others remain unique within a specific country.

As Greeks, we know that almost every action we make (or don’t make) could quite possibly have an indirect consequence on how the rest of our life plays out. Our culture is surrounded with superstitions.

Will you or won’t you be rich?
Will you or won’t you get married?
Will you or won’t you get lucky?

It matters! And it matters based on what you did in the past or what somebody else has done to you.

Superstition #5: The itchy is on the way

This one is common in a number of cultures. The superstition of the itchy hand is a sign that you will either receive or give money. Your hand is basically anticipating the transaction before it even occurs. Imagine that!? The Greeks say that if your right hand is itchy then it means you will get money, however if your left hand is itchy it means you will give money.

Meanwhile, there’s still no answer as to what it means if you have an itchy neck.

Superstition #4:  Find the coin in the Vasilopita, find a lucky year ahead.

On New Year’s Day Greek families cut the Vasilopita to bless the home and to bring good fortune for the New Year. The head of the household uses a knife to etch a Cross over the face of the cake.

A piece is then cut for each of the following: The Lord, the poor, the home, and all the people sitting at the table (by order of age from oldest to youngest). The piece with the hidden coin (or Lira) is said to be the one who will have good luck in the year to come.

Superstition #3: THE KOUFETA FAIRY...brings you a prince

Just like the Tooth Fairy delivers money, the Koufeta Fairy too delivers something: an image of your future husband.

Tradition holds that if an unmarried woman places a bag of these blessed sugarcoated almonds (Koufeta) underneath her pillow, she will dream of the man she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Warning: do not try this if you are married. Results could be damaging.

Superstition #2:  NEVER "Cheers" with coffee...tsoutsoutsou

Greeks love to cheers "Gia mas" with their Ouzo, Tsipouro, Wine...BUT NEVER WITH COFFEE! The superstition states that it is VERY BAD LUCK to cheers with any type of coffee from frappe to Greek coffee to American coffee! WE STILL LOVE THE PIC OF JERRY SEINFELD & WIFE IN GREECE THOUGH!

SUPERSTITION #1: THE EVIL EYE (Ftou Ftou!) Spitting (or pretending to spit) on someone to ward of the evil eye

This is definitely one of the most popular Greek superstitions out there, and one that has also trickled over into many other cultures. The Evil Eye is something that is said to be able to hit you at any given moment. It can be the result of a compliment or an insult, and most of the time occurs without the giver or receiver even noticing.

Side effects of The Evil Eye include headaches and upset stomach. As for remedies, the Greeks have a few. Wearing your underwear inside-out, attaching a blue “mati” to an article of your clothing or jewelry, or spitting lightly on somebody three times (once for the Father, once for the Son, and once for the Holy Spirit) are all said to defend against the evil eye.

Many Greeks will call their mom, aunt, or yiayia to "xematiasi" (undo the evil eye) set upon them. 

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By Staff Writer - Ariana Kallis