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Star of The Hangover trilogy Zach Galifianakis has announced he wants to make a movie about the Battle of Crete. The actor said he would drop his comedy background and take on this serious war drama that he will also act in. "I will try to make a film in Greece soon - within the next two years," the actor told Ethnos newspaper. Galifianakis confirmed that the script was written around the famous battle, but said he will have to practice his Greek if he wants to shoot the movie in Greece.

The Battle of Crete began May 20, 1941 when German forces invaded the island during WWII. Greeks and their allies defended Crete, causing a large amount of German casualties after one day. However, the following day the Germans ended up taking over the Maleme airfield and the fight continued until June 1, 1941.

Moreover, the Battle of Crete was unprecedented in three respects: it was the first mainly airborne invasion; the first time the Allies made significant use of intelligence from the deciphered German Enigma code; and the first time invading German troops encountered mass resistance from a civilian population.

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