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A Friday night movie with the girlfriend or significant other is always a safe bet when you’re fresh out of date ideas. But if you’re looking to make that average date feel a lot more invigorating, I would suggest going to see Horrible Bosses, starring noted Greek-American Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis (Lithuanian and Irish descent).

I had high expectations for this movie based on its star-studded cast and the previews I watched, and I have to admit that it didn’t disappoint.

The movie is about three friends, Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), Nick (Jason Bateman), and Dale (Charlie Day), who are all on a mission to make their working lives a lot easier by killing their… well… horrible bosses.

Sudeikis’ character loves his job. He is also well-liked by everybody within the company, except his boss’ spoiled-rotten, cocaine snorting, stripper-loving son, Bobby (Colin Farrell). Bobby ends up taking over the business after his father dies of a heart-attack, putting Sudeikis in the position to consider the unthinkable… murdering his NEW boss.

Aniston, meanwhile, plays the role of Day’s boss -- a sex-crazed maniac. Her character constantly sexually harasses Day, demanding that he have sex with her whenever she demands it. Despite always getting rejected because her employee is engaged, Aniston still takes liberties when it comes toying, fondling, and attempting to seduce her prey. She is the definition of a man-eater.

The worst of the bosses (in a good way), in my opinion, was the one played by Kevin Spacey, who sees some of the most film time in the entire flick.

As for the funniest scenes in the movie, well I have to take my hat off to Jamie Foxx when it comes to that department. Foxx, who plays the murder consultant of the three friends, had me gasping for air in more than one scene. Seen below:

Throughout the film you bear witness to the intolerable work environments that these three men are a part of, and it makes you wonder how one could ever coexist in the same world as these over-the-top characters. The untamed comedy provides tons of laughs, as there were even moments in the film where I found myself missing scenes because of laughter I couldn’t control thanks to the scene prior.

It’s a definite must-see in my books.

As a side note…Sudeikis and Aniston reportedly began dating after meeting on the set of Bounty Hunter last year. However, the two are since no longer together. I wonder how it was having to work side-by-side on a few scenes in this movie? Especially the racy ones which no doubt had to have them both feeling a little bit…ummmmm…gawky. You’ll see what I mean at the 1:56 point of the trailer.

Movie Review by Jonathan Bliangas

Watch the trailer to Horrible Bosses: