John Stamos & Nia Vardalos team up to rebuild orphanage ravaged by wildfires in Greece

Hollywood Greeks, Nia Vardalos, and John Stamos have teamed up to help rebuild the Lyreion Orphanage, destroyed during the summer wildfires in Eastern Attica.

The two actors have lent their support to The Hellenic Initiative to launch an online campaign to raise funds for the rebuilding.

To date, $200,000 US have been deposited in a bank account the organization has opened under the name “The Hellenic Initiative Wildfire Relief Fund”.

The 45 children housed in the Lyreion orphanage have found temporary refuge in another structure of Attica.

“My heart aches for these orphaned children who’ve been displaced from their home,” Nia Vardalos said.

“Greeks living around the world care about Greece and rebuilding this orphanage is a way to help these children in need,” she continued.

“As a new father, the perils these children face hit me particularly hard, said first-time father John Stamos, whose son Billy was born this spring.”

That feeling, coupled with the Greek embrace of
philotimo, which is tough to translate, but means a sense of duty and honor and the desire to help others in need, motivated me.”