NASA's Golden Greek Girl Eleni Antoniadou

In 2016, the European Parliament congratulated Greek biotechnologist, Eleni Antoniadou, for receiving the prestigious "Sciacca Science International Award"

Eleni Antoniadou left Greece in 2009, having graduated with a BSc degree in Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics from University of Thessaly. She continued her studies at University College London and at the University of Illinois, where she earned graduate degrees in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine, and Bioengineering and Tissue Engineering respectively.

“I was blessed to be born in the land of light, Greece, where philosophy, art, politics, and literature thrived and became the roots of modern science. Philosophy means the “love of wisdom” and this has been my guiding force in my journey to knowledge.”

BORN: Thessaloniki, Greece in 1988


NASA - ESA Award (2012)
The 50 Future Award
Woman of the Year at the annual British FDM Every-woman in Technology Awards (2013)
USA Laureate for Cartier for her research in bioengineering (2014) 
Young Business Woman of the Year in the UK (2015)
BBC 100 Most Powerful Women
"11 Great Greeks of the Past, Present and Future" by the EPP party of the European Parliament
Libertine 100
21st-century Women Scientists - The New York Academy of Sciences and the Young Global Leaders 2016 by the World Economic Forum.
Sciacca "Science 2016" International Award 

In addition, Eleni has received several fellowships for her doctoral studies, while she continues to work as a Researcher at the NASA Mars Exploration Lab, studying the effects of changes in atmospheric pressure on the nervous systems of astronauts.

We congratulate this powerful and intelligent Hellene! Bravo Eleni! You have made all Greeks worldwide extremely proud.