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Since the age of 8, brothers Matthaios and Konstantinos Tsahouridis have embarked on a musical journey that has elevated them to unimaginable heights. Born in Veria, Greece the two have been moved by ethnic and world sounds from a young age. Breaking the boundaries and limits of fusion is what distinguishes them from other artists.

The two Award winning brothers today have developed into world class musicians. They have played for many high profile events, orchestras and symphonies. The brothers are very well educated, eloquent and fluent in a multitude of languages.

The duo have created a personal statement over the music they love and serve, Matthaios' interest in a variety of ethnic stringed musical instruments (the Pontic lyra, the Afghan rubab and the Afghan ghichak, the Persian and the Uzbek kamancheh, the Turkish oud, the Greek lute - laghouto, the bouzouki and others), together with Konstantinos' unique vocal expression that combines the operatic, as well as the traditional, melismatic and contemporary, all in one, create an unusual assimilation of a 'global' music repertory.

Matthaios playing lyra with the talented voice of Yasmine Tamara. A must see and hear, sultry English lyrics with Greek Pontic lyra. An example of music without borders.

Moreover, they have an extensive list of accomplishments and performances. Matthaios Tsahouridis (playing Pontic lyra above) has performed at the Roskilder Rock festival (Denmark 2002), in Teatro Massimo for UNESCO (Palermo Opera House, Italy 2002), at the Royal Albert Hall (in a Charity concert for the children of Afghanistan, London 2002) and at the Purcell Room in London.

Matthaios playing the Afghan rubab at the "A Journey Beyond Borders" Concert with singer Yousuf Mahmood  "Shahbaz Qhalandar"

Furthermore, he has performed the Pontic lyra for BBC Radio 3, as well as in many other BBC radio programmes. In August 2004, he was one of the performers of the main music theme of the BBC for the Olympic Games of Athens with the Opera band Amici and the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

In May 2005, Matthaios performed at the Herodus Atticus Theater in Acropolis, Athens, accompanied by the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra for the opening ceremony of the Athens Festival. Matthaios has also performed in the Oratorio ‘Kosmas o Aitolos' with famous Greek composer Mimis Plessas in Veria, Greece 2005.

Moreover, Matthaios was the co-artistic director of the opening ceremony for the International Byzantine Congress of London with Lady Marina Marks as Chairman and Prince Charles as patron in 2006. The talented world class musician has performed at the London Porchester Hall (Bayswater) with world famous British composer/vocalist Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam, born Steven Demetre Georgiou to a Greek-Cypriot father and British mother) in March of 2007.

Konstantinos has also performed many works by Handel, Rutter, Tavener, Verdi, Schubert, and also the especially committed musical piece Lament for Constantinople by Sir John Tavener. In 2004 he started his collaboration with the Greek composer Dimitri (Mimis) Plessas in a TV series by NET called Niovi’s Children producing two soundtracks (by SONY Greece). Three world premieres of the same composer follow: Kosmas o Aitolos (2005), St. Paul (2006), and the music monography Holy Memories (2007); the first two were arranged, performed, produced and conceived by Konstantinos. His contribution to the music he loves and serves has been also awarded in 2005 by the Hellenic Foundation in London (Academia Athinon) with its annual Arts Award as “The most promising young Greek musician working in United Kingdom”.

In 2006 he has been given the role of Soloist and Artistic Director at the official opening ceremony of the 21st International Congress of London (Patron: HRH Prince Charles and President: Lady Marina Marks). In June 2007 he performs Bizet’s Carmen (Escamillo) in a University of London production and in May 2008 he was invited by the organization ‘Friends of Mount Athos’ to perform in the presence of HRH Prince of Wales at the Bridgewater House, London.

In October of the same year he was invited to perform at the life TV broadcast of Thessaloniki Song Festival accompanied by the orchestra of contemporary music of ERT. Konstantinos is a Visiting Research Associate at the IOE (University of London) and a lecturer at the University of Western Macedonia (Greece).

Join the Internationally acclaimed Tsahouridis brothers for an incredible live concert in Toronto, Canada at The Danforth Music hall on Thurs, May 16, 2013.

The award winning brothers welcome you to a unique musical journey! Combining an experimental blend of ethnic sounds and a versatile repertory, the music of 'psyche and soma' unfolds the truth of emotions and feelings.

Explore their music and take a tour on the interesting projects that involve world class musicians and performers from around the world.