The Greek Cypriot Roots of George Michael (Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou)
Tuesday, 27 December 2016 10:58

George Michael and his parents Kyriacos and Lesley at his 30th birthday

George Michael was born Georgios Kyriacos Panagiotou on June 25, 1963. The international singer, songwriter, and producer went on to sell over 100 million albums worldwide. George sadly had his "last Christmas" as he passed away peacefully in his bed (due to heart failure) on Christmas day December 25, 2016.

When George Michael performed in Athens, Greece and wore the Greek flag. See video:

George Michael as a young boy

George was the only son of a hard-working Greek Cypriot immigrant (Kyriacos Panagiotou) who married an English dancer Lesley Angold. His father, Kyriacos, was a very hard working restaurant owner. George was raised in a working-class part of Finchley, North London, and indulged as the only boy in the family. His dad moved to the UK in 1953.

George Michael with Uncle Jimmy, Yiota, Andros 

But as the only son in a Greek family, he still got special treatment compared to his sisters – Melanie, now 54, and Yiota, now 58 – which he later revealed gave him a lifelong guilt complex.

George Michael as a young boy

The family lived above a launderette but as his father’s ­restaurant grew, they moved to a semi in Edgware.

George was distant with his Greek father as very hard work at the restaurant kept him away from home.

George's entertainer side comes from his mother who was a dancer. “If there’s anything that I’ve got from her it’s that she’s like a rock. I’ve got that stability from her.”


George reportedly secretly gave away huge amounts of money to people in need - including thousands of dollars to a lady wanting to undergo IVF and a 5,000 pound tip (over $6,100 USD) to a bartender who had a student nurse debt.

The star donated millions to Childline, HIV organisations, the Terrence Higgins Trust, Macmillan Cancer Support and to other health and charity organizations worldwide

George Michael volunteered at homeless shelters and fed the poor and donated. According to reports, he gave tens of millions of pounds, to charities and individuals.

One organization, catering in large part to members of the Greek Cypriot community, was just one of those charities.

The United Kingdom Thalassemia Society (UKTS) raises awareness about a rare blood disorder that has targeted people in the Mediterranean region, particularly Cyprus and Greece.

The organization funds research for new treatments to assist those with Thalassemia, a rare disorder that prevents those who have it from creating enough red blood cells.

UK Thalassemia Society posted on Facebook:

"As well as being a brilliant and unique artist, George was the most thoughtful and generous Patron to us. For many years he was the largest individual supporter of UKTS; and there have been times when we would have struggled to continue without his support – for example, when our computer systems failed completely in 2005, George came to our rescue. We would have loved to thank George publicly, but he always steadfastly refused to take any credit for his generosity. Only now that he has left us so tragically young can we say how much we owe to him."

George Michael when he was a school boy

"I think I recognize, apart from being hairy, my father's Greek-Cypriot traits of determination and self belief and being myself second generation immigrant.

The average Greek-Cypriot is a lot more hard working than the avaerage British man. My father's family is an example of really hard those are really Greek characteristics."

George Michael in Interview with Mega TV in Greece SEE VIDEO: