Tom Hanks visits Orthodox Church in Antarctica PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 February 2016 20:05

Hollywood two time Oscar winning actor, Tom Hanks, who is married to Greek-American Rita Wilson, visited the Orthodox church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Antarctica at the Russian polar station “Bellingshausen” on Waterloo Island, Deacon Maxim Gerb, a cleric of the church in Antarctica, told the journal Foma.

Tom Hanks practises Greek Orthodox faith and attends the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles. Read more about Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's Greek Orthodox faith here

“Many interesting people visit our church, including Tom Hanks who was recently sailing past our island on a yacht. He is a very open and friendly person. After he lit some candles I suggested to him to climb up to the bell tower, so I could attest that Forrest Gump was in Antarctica and can now ring bells pretty well,” commented Deacon Maxim on the actor’s visit, in his account of the life of the Orthodox community in Antarctica.