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Greek-American Hollywood actor Zach Galifianakis is to marry his longtime partner Quinn Lundberg.

'The Hangover' star, 42, will marry the 29-year-old on August 11, according to a website which obtained a copy of the wedding invite.

A source told website Celebuzz: "While it has the formal and standard details of who, what, when, where - including Zach's full name Zachary Knight Galifianakis and his fiancée's, Mary Quinn Lundberg - it is also very funny.

"Zach included a drawing of himself and his bride-to-be. He made sure he looked like a little troll, while Quinn is a stunning tall blonde princess."

Nobody knows if Zach ever got engaged to Quinn, who is vice president and co-founder of Growing Voices, a charity dedicated to giving back to the community.

The couple made an online gift registry under the pseudonym Paul Dummy, asking for a sheet set from Anthropology. They also, more seriously, asked their family and friends to donate to Growing Voices, the charity Quinn co-founded.

Congratulations Zach! Kala Stefana! We can’t wait to see what kind of bachelor party is in store for you! Opa!


Galifianakis next appears with Will Ferrell and Jason Sudeikis in the political comedy 'The Campaign', and 'The Hangover' franchise will continue next year with its third installment, also staring Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms.

'The Hangover III' will be filmed in Las Vegas returning to its roots in the gambling capital in the state of Nevada like the original.